River,River(prevue) | Chen Qiulin

River River is the result of my desire to shoot another video about the three gorges after Farewell Poem. At the time of Farewell Poem, the three gorges dam construction had lead to huge demolitions and mass migrations. Two years later the banks were flat and empty, waiting for the rise of high buildings and modern docks. The reason why I chose to shoot River, River against the background of these construction sites is threefold. 1. The three gorges dam construction is a huge project in China. 2. It represents the development process in China. 3. It is a continuation of my own work. The appearance in the movie of Sichuan opera amidst present life conditions, construction site and opera stage, the past and the present, the misplacement of time and scene,… all these represent my memory of the second stage of the construction of the three gorges dam.